"Where I am calling from", Podgorica 2019

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Montenegro | 2019-01-01

The founder is the Carver bookshop since 2009, originally emerged as a short story festival, later "International Literary Festival Where I am calling from", Podgorica (2009 - 2018).

The festival promotes world and Montenegrin literature, film, authors and their poetics, connects various forms of artistic creation and action, establishes new forms of representation of creativity. The programs of the festival  are named after the stories of Raymond Carver – “From where I am calling from”. The program is a thematic-author's program, represented by an author from one of the countries. The “Cathedral” is the program of European authors, without big words, presenting authors from the region - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. It is composed out of short cuts, presentations of a significant film author and film screening.  So far, over 500 artists participated in the Festival. The presentation of all Festivals so far is on the "gallery" of the website www.odaklezovem.net .


Varja Đukić , karver@t-com.me