Tabula Rasa literary Festival of Fátima

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Portugal | 2020-01-01

The Literary Festival of Fatima happens between 2 and 2 years, since 2015.

Promoted by the city councel of Fatima, with the support of the town hall of Ourém and other local organisms, cordenated by the MIL : Movimento internacional Lusofuno ( international lusophone movement) and the Nova Águia : cultural magazine for the XXI century. The Literary Festival of Fatima has been growing it dimension locally and also  lusophone internationally, because of the participation in each edition of the representants of different an multilple countrys and regions of the portuguese language.

In all of the editions , the Literary Festival of Fatima has been atribute prizes called : “Vida e Obra” e “Melhor Obra” ( Life and work and Best work) - in the categorys of juvenil literature, poetry, fiction and philosofy . In the category of  “Vida e Obra” the winners were at this moment ; Eduardo Lourenço, Pinharanda Gomes e Fernando Dacosta. In all the difrent editions of the literary Fatima festival have been result literature work that is an junction of dozens of interventions in each edition, which is not very comun to happen in the other literary festivals in Portugal. Thats why we assumed the motto : “Muito mais do que um Festival Literário…”.( much more then a Literary Festival)


Renato Epifânio