International Literature Festival "Druskininkai Poetic Fall"

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Lithuania | 2019-01-01

Druskininkai Poetic Fall is a festival with great literary content.

The festival has a customary program - readings by anthology poets, readings by the young poets, readings by Lithuanian poets, a presentation of the VERSOPOLIS platform poets, a discussion, numerous exhibition openings, an awards evening, a guests and laureates evening in Vilnius, a presentation of the anthology in Vilnius. We involve both Vilnius and Druskininkai residents in our activities.
The theme of the festival is different each year. We match the theme to the global and Lithuanian social and cultural contexts. For several years now, we have also been involving younger readers, visiting pupils with foreign guest poets in Druskininkai schools during the festivals, organizing educational and creative writing and reading sessions as part of the festival itself in Druskininkai. Druskininkai Poetic Fall is also for the literary community, as it is a great way to meet each other, discuss relevant issues and get to know new poets on the rise. The Festival will take place for the 30th time 2-7 October 2019.
Druskininkai is a beautiful resort town located in a forest. It’s full of nature, with many trees, flower gardens, parks, several lakes and two rivers within its limits.

Rūta Elijošaitytė-Kaikarė,