International Literary Festival to the sea-girt shores of Cyprus

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Chipre | 2019-01-01

Established in 2006, it is a non-profit cultural organisation dedicated to the promotion of all forms of culture, in particular literature and the use of language.

It is a platformfor substantial cultural exchange between Cypriot and International culture. The island is uniquely positioned on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and as a member of the European Union, situated on its south-eastern boundary, is offering a vehicle for increased interaction and intercultural dialogue between Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the near East.

One of the main objectives of Ideogramma is to respect and support all languages and dialects (and by association the people that speak them), because as Luis Aragon reminds, "Literature is a serious business. It is first and foremost the face of a people”. It actively encourages all writers and poets to read in the original language, inviting the audience to participate as if listening to music. Once the sound of a
language is familiar it is no longer threatening and brings the speaker and listener closer together, forming bonds. Ideogramma was founded and is managed by Nora Hadjisotiriou (marketing & PR specialist, project manager) and Lily Michaelides (writer & poet, project manager)
The contact persons are:
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