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Serbia | 2019-01-01

Association KROKODIL was established in 2009. It started off with the first annual literary festival KROKODIL held in Belgrade, Serbia.

The festival, which was primarily conceived as a regional affair, soon became more and more international. Annual by character and happening every year in mid-June in the beautiful open-air arena in front of Belgrade’s Museum of Yugoslav History it grew to become one of the most distinct and visited literary events in the region of former Yugoslavia. Hundreds of distinguished writers, other artists and public figures from many regional and European countries participated at the festival. It boasts large and very loyal and interested audiences of well more than 3.000 visitors per 2 or 3 day event. The festival KROKODIL is a respected and credible literary platform that provides writers with the opportunity to present their work and is known to boost performing writers visibility not only in Serbia but also abroad. It is furthermore well visited by publishers, publicists, cultural journalists and other experts in the field.

Milena Berić, milena.beric@krokodil.rs, office@krokodil.rs
Website: www.krokodil.rs