Annikki International Poetry Festival

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Finland | 2019-01-01

In 2003, the residents of Annikki Wooden Quarter founded a event in their yard. Annikki Poetry Festival has developed into one of Finland’s most significant international poetry and cultural events.

Annikki Poetry Festival’s focus is still on poetry, although it has expanded to also include prose, music and the visual arts. The Annikki Poetry Festival aims to vitalize contemporary poetics and to put together surprising combinations of performers, as well as redefine the very boundaries of what poetry events can be. The Annikki Poetry Festival has gathered around it a three-day off-tier event cycle called Annikki OFF. The Annikki Poetry Festival is a non-profit event organized every two years by volunteers. The next festival will be held in 6 June 2020. Read more! 

In addition to Finnish performers, the festival also regularly features high profile international luminaries. Performance poets to have partaken in the festival in recent years include Gregory Pardlo (USA), Yumi Fuzuki & Hikaru Cho (JP), Mutabaruka (Jamaica), Anne Waldman (USA), Kido Shuri (JP), Nikky Finney (USA), John Cooper Clarke (UK), John Giorno (USA), Jaan Kaplinski (EE), Henry Bowers (SE), Gerður Kristný (IS) et al.  – many of whom had never been previously featured in Finland. Our Finnish performers always represent both more established authors and more recent contemporary voices. 

The venue of the Annikki Poetry Festival is a 100-year-old wooden town quarter in the centre of Tampere city, which has served as a very special, warm and welcoming milieu for poets and audience to meet and mingle. 

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Simo Ollila, Festival Producer